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Reed Diffuser Limited Edition Baybayin Jar "Pag-asa"

These specially designed bottles feature Baybayin characters expressing the most Filipino of sentiments and emotions.

This talks about PAG-ASA, or hope, which is our never-ending quest for better things and brighter days, not just for ourselves but for our country. As a people, we never lose hope, however bleak the days may seem or how long the nights may be.

Our Baybayin bottles are also extra large at 250ml and have a stronger scent throw, so 3 sticks are enough to infuse your surroundings with the scent of hope. You can use up to 5 sticks for that maximum throw. 

This 250ml reed diffuser bottle is applicable to all scents. A set comes with 250ml reed diffuser and 5 reed fiber sticks.

Here's to a hopeful 2024 🎆