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Hele and Himbing Roller balls pack

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Stress and fatigue are familiar enemies, but these days, we've also had to contend with heightened levels of anxiety. Having a deep and restful sleep may be as difficult as it is important.

Hele and Himbing are made from essential oils known for their calming qualities, to help promote better quality sleep.

Hele- cedarwood, ravintsara, lavender, and ylang ylang.

Himbing- valerian root, ravintsara, lavender, and ylang ylang.

They come in roller balls for easy application, and for an added massaging action.

So Hele yourself to slumber full of Himbing and wake up to a fresh new you in the morning.

How to use: At bedtime, roll onto pulse points at the temples, wrists, behind the ears, neck, chest, under the nose, and shoulders. Try putting on a little first and see after a few minutes if you already like the cooling effect of menthol, or you can add more.

*valerian root has a strong aroma and can be pungent to some.